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Comments made by the Save Yarram community

Below is a select few comments made by the petition signers. Names have been withheld for confidentiality.


  • These wind farms need to be placed out in the ocean where it makes sense and does not negatively impact on the community!

  • I believe Synergy Wind have hidden certain aspect about the turbines as well as be under handed in their processes to advice locals to the plans & not only that but their plans to built 3 of their turbines less then the 1 km to our new home that is almost at completion

  • These guys are scum, I think they have been very under handed with the planning permits & lack of information be made available to locals, not to mention the how unsightly they are & the noise they will create, further investigations should be commenced before they are ever considered for our region

  • I have lived in this area my whole life and have always valued our pristine landscape and its unspoilt views, please don't let this wind farm progress any further than on paper.

  • I strongly disagree to this proposal to establish a wind farm in our picturesque agricultural area, for me personally it will effect, my view to the majestic Wilsons Promontory and the Strzelecki ranges, these turbines are 200m high and will be a terrible blight on our landscape not to mention the terribly loud noise and flickering that will affect both humans and animals.

  • I visit the area a couple of times a year & wind turbines are the last thing I want to see.

  • I have previously written letters of objection to all relevant local, state and federal ministers. I will resubmit my objections in writing before 1st October. Good luck with your efforts to stop this senseless development. This company has pitted neighbour against neighbour and has divided our small farming community.

  • I purchased a home in Devon North in December 2017. One of the main reasons was for its location and 120degree views of the area predominantly between Yarram and Welshpool. With the proposed site only approx. 3kms from our doorstep the proposed site will completely destroy our view and possibly reduce our property value which would be more than disappointing. I much prefer the offshore option. There is a furphy circulated by the proponents and the responsible Minister that these wind farms will generate local employment. Where will the proposed wind farms be constructed? Certainly not in Gippsland, Victoria, there has been no suggestion they will be manufactured here... not even in Australia. So why are the politicians promoting this venture or our local member being so absent is commentary to date. He was informed in a 15 minute one on one interview some twelve months ago about the project compromising some of the best agricultural land in South Gippsland . Gippsland has provided energy to Victoria state wide for neigh 90 years through its coal resources and offshore gas. What has been Gippsland reward. Spurned our coal mining employment by labour Government, Fifty years of offshore gas has only recently connected to some Gippsland towns for industrial development, now the current Government wants to defecate over the prime agricultural with wind towers. So much for reward for services.

  • Our peace and quiet would be gone forever

  • Put them out at sea

  • I grew up in Alberton west. Those roads just cannot handle the heavy trucks. Farmers will suffer.

  • I live in Alberton, it’s been my home here for the past 40 years. I am very concerned on the health impact these huge turbines may cause. The height of 200mtrs is outrageous to have in a beautiful scenic environment. These turbines have been built for installation in water, of which is in abundance nearby, so they should be put out to sea. These turbines will ruin the lives of many people living within the vicinity; financially, mentally and physically.

  • Wind towers should not be in such built up areas where so many families are affected. Some of these towers are going in a natural morass that gets extremely wet at some times and access will be nearly impossible especially during times of flood, that happen regularly. These towers are also in the leeward side of the hills and won't be as efficient. The towers need to be offshore and away from family homes.

  • They should be out at sea

  • Terrible for the local town

  • Unsightly inefficient useless pieces of equipment that could be place elsewhere that doesn't affect our natural environment

  • It would be detrimental to the area for humans and animals and fauna!

  • Wind farms really need to be put out to sea!

  • Please don't place the wind farms in Hedley

  • These will affect close family who live next to where they are planning to put them.

  • Try the sea

  • I have no problem with the turbines; but I have first hand experienced on the noise pollution from the Toora (SILCOCKS RD) Turbines a lot smaller than and far less on the proposed agenda...and far less intrusive..socially evolved in local community and involved in community events the noise was unbelievable and unbearable. I have strong compassion and respect for the farmers and local residents whom have to tolerate this. Its not a life choice living with it , for some there's no other option (financially)... in saying this I can only dread the outcome and pain for the families living so not fair for the farmers and the people within this community providing the public with economic growth and structure...for your latte or breakfast cereal one week in a farmers shoes, the real heart of a true Australian. PLEASE RECONSIDER ON PUTTING THEM OUT TO SEA OFFSHORE

  • I moved here from the city in 2017 because I love the way it is now the views the scenery the country side would be changed I wouldn’t want to live near one of these things

  • Put them all out to sea. Don't ruin our community

  • Synergy wind has been extremely dishonest to the whole Yarram area and community... they are best described as shonksters

  • This proposal for wind farms has been veiled in secrecy and underhanded tactics. 10 kilometres of the South Gippsland highway will be littered with massive towers, blighting the landscape if this proposal is successful. A cohesive community is being fractured and divided.

  • We live near to the proposed wind farm and are concerned that the studies undertaken by the company are not as strenuous as they should be and that they are unable to give conclusive answers to even the most basic questions about interruptions to communications devices in the area.

  • First do research on solar and blue energy

  • Also keep in mind financial implications: 1) Farmers, farming, Tourism etc in this area contributes amount X to the domestic economy 2) Calculate the financial domestic economic contribution of the wind farm to the economy. 3) Debate then the economical reasons to oppose it.

  • I believe that wind turbines should be in more isolated areas. I know it is nice and windy in the proposed area, but it is too populated. The wind farms at Toora caused many people to sell up and move, because of the silent noise. They ruined people's peace . If some farmers agree, it is not fair to force the turbines on other landholders. Personally having wind turbines nearby would drive me nuts. Put them in the middle of nowhere, far away from anyone!

  • Myself and my two brothers grew up in Hedley on a beautiful farm down McPhails Rd with my parents. Down the round on the same farm housed my grandparents. We hold so many fond memories of our childhood along that stretch of land and go back their as often as possible enjoying the fact that the farm and houses are as we left them, though with new tenants enjoying the very place we did growing up. If the wind turbines were to be constructed, not only are they wrecking the beautiful farming land but putting the three families that live on that farm lives at risk. Why not build a solar farm, where they only sit roughly 1.5m off the ground yet are more effective, easier and safer to maintain. No climbing 200m in the air for the chance of that maintenance worker losing their life if fallen. Why can't they be built in the desert or out at sea, not on farming property where people and their families are happy. It is hard enough making money on the farm in this country, why make that even harder by taking up precious land for no benefit to the farmers or animals themselves.

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